Helium Animal Pets Walker /Disney Character Balloons

Looking for fun ideas to go along with your birthday party, events or gathering??

When filled with Helium, these animal shaped walking balloons do not simply float away in the air, they stand on their own feet with a life-like look and feel. These balloon animals are between 20″ and 35″ in size – some almost life-sized (except for the Elephant/Dinosaur). When pulled along by their owner, these airwalker balloons obediently follow along behind you with a real swagger, as though really walking.

We currently have different species of pet balloon from Dogs, Cats, Chickens, Pigs, Ducks, Horse, Zebra and even a Dinosaur. They make excellent party balloons for children (They just love it!) or adults (the walking chickens are a great novelty idea if you are looking for hen night balloons).

We provide deflated and inflated balloons. In addition, we also provide balloon printing services, balloon sculpturing, balloon decorations, mircrofoil/rubber balloons and many more!!!

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Air Walkers Disney Characters

Air Walker Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty Mini Size Anagram

(W39 x H59 cm)

Air Walker Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse Mini Size Anagram

(W53 x H76 cm)

Air Walker Minnie Mouse

Minnie Mouse Mini Size Anagram

(W55 x 78 cm)

Air Walker Spider Man

Spider-Man Super Size Anagram

(W91 x H91cm)

Air Walker BatMan

BatMan Super Size Anagram

 (W91 x H111 cm)


Animal Pet Walkers

Air Walker Tortoise


Animal Walker Brown Dog

St Bernard Dog

Animal Walker Cat


Animal Walker Colourful Dog

Colourful Dog

Animal Walker Frog


Animal Walker Dalmatian


Animal Walker Grey Elephant

Grey Elephant

Animal Walker Lucky Pig

Lucky Pig

Animal Walker Panda


Animal Walker Penguin


Dashchund Dog 2 Resize


Zebra resize


Animal Walker Purple Elephant

Purple Elephant

Shetland 2


Animal Walker Yellow Duck

Yellow Duck

Animal Walker Cow


Animal Walker Dinosaur


Animal Walker Ladybug


Animal Pug Dog

Pug Dog

Animal Walker French Bull

French Bull

Animal Walker Horse


Animal Walker Giraffe